1. Yahoo! JAPAN
www.yahoo.co.jp - Seiteninfos
Japanese version of the immensely popular Yahoo! search engine and content portal.
2. Google
www.google.com - Seiteninfos
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.
3. Microsoft
www.microsoft.com - Seiteninfos
Main site for Microsoft Corp., world leader in PC operating systems.
4. MSN.com
www.msn.com - Seiteninfos
Microsoft's Internet portal. Offers personalized content, with search, news, stocks, email, weather and access to other Microsoft content channels including MSNBC, Carpoint, Expedia (travel) and more.
5. google.co.jp
www.google.co.jp - Seiteninfos
6. syakouba.com
www.syakouba.com - Seiteninfos
7. Yahoo!
www.yahoo.com - Seiteninfos
Premier websearch portal offering special interest content, email services, online communities, Internet tools, and personalization features enabling Users to locate and access desired information and services. (Nasdaq: YHOO).
8. bing.com
www.bing.com - Seiteninfos
9. xvideos.com
www.xvideos.com - Seiteninfos
10. YouTube
www.youtube.com - Seiteninfos
YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on www.YouTube.com and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.
11. girlschannel.net
www.girlschannel.net - Seiteninfos
12. xhamster.com
www.xhamster.com - Seiteninfos
13. Ask Jeeves
www.ask.com - Seiteninfos
The polite butler answers questions asked in plain English. Search the web, news or shopping. If there is no good match in its own database, Jeeves offers top Looksmart results. There is also an option to browse the Open Directory.
14. Facebook
www.facebook.com - Seiteninfos
Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
15. boatrace.jp
www.boatrace.jp - Seiteninfos
16. amazon.co.jp
www.amazon.co.jp - Seiteninfos
17. Web.de (Germany)
web.de - Seiteninfos
A search directory and catalog of sites based in Germany.
18. eroterest.net
www.eroterest.net - Seiteninfos
19. sbisec.co.jp
www.sbisec.co.jp - Seiteninfos
20. rakuten.co.jp
www.rakuten.co.jp - Seiteninfos
21. My Way
myway.com - Seiteninfos
Web portal and search engine without any banners, pop-ups or spam. Uses the Google Web Directory.
22. pornhub.com
www.pornhub.com - Seiteninfos
Porn hub is the ultimate xxx porn and sex site, download or stream full xxx sex DVDs.
23. Live Search
www.live.com - Seiteninfos
Live Search - Find exactly what you are looking for - FAST! With Live Search. Windows Live - Your life. Your stuff. One place. Windows Live. Instant messaging, e-mail, photos and files—with you online, wherever you go.
24. adobe.com
www.adobe.com - Seiteninfos
Software for the popular document image reading format.
25. infomart.co.jp
www.infomart.co.jp - Seiteninfos
26. fc2.com
www.fc2.com - Seiteninfos
27. matsui.co.jp
www.matsui.co.jp - Seiteninfos
28. vjav.com
www.vjav.com - Seiteninfos
29. ocn.ne.jp
www.ocn.ne.jp - Seiteninfos
30. jra.go.jp
www.jra.go.jp - Seiteninfos
31. Xnxx.Com
www.xnxx.com - Seiteninfos
Free porn pictures, XXX movies, sex stories, sexy webcams, amateur pics. Extremely explicit sexual content.
32. youjizz.com
www.youjizz.com - Seiteninfos
33. bakufu.jp
www.bakufu.jp - Seiteninfos
34. f-aspit.com
www.f-aspit.com - Seiteninfos
35. wav.tv
www.wav.tv - Seiteninfos
36. Google Australia
www.google.com.au - Seiteninfos
Offers the choice of searching the whole web or web pages from Australia. Also advanced search, image and groups search, news and directory from the Open Directory.
37. fmworld.net
www.fmworld.net - Seiteninfos
38. dmm.co.jp
www.dmm.co.jp - Seiteninfos
39. trilltrill.jp
www.trilltrill.jp - Seiteninfos
40. goo.ne.jp
www.goo.ne.jp - Seiteninfos
41. kaipoke.biz
www.kaipoke.biz - Seiteninfos
42. Wikipedia
www.wikipedia.org - Seiteninfos
A free online encyclopedia.
43. gamedesign.jp
www.gamedesign.jp - Seiteninfos
44. pravda.sk
www.pravda.sk - Seiteninfos
45. rakuten-bank.co.jp
www.rakuten-bank.co.jp - Seiteninfos
46. eropuru.com
www.eropuru.com - Seiteninfos
47. chaturbate.com
www.chaturbate.com - Seiteninfos
48. web-jong.com
www.web-jong.com - Seiteninfos
49. toto.co.jp
www.toto.co.jp - Seiteninfos
50. xvideo-jp.com
www.xvideo-jp.com - Seiteninfos