NetZero, Inc.

A popular national Internet Service Provider. Offers low-priced Internet dial-up access with premium features available at additional cost.
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its really bad
5/05/2005 1 von 5 Sterne
i had so many problems with net 0 that i am going to cancle my service
Der Beurteilte: andrew burns
it's always giving me a problem
4/18/2005 1 von 5 Sterne
I always have a problem either it boots off I also have high speed to make it faster and it seems now more slower than ever. I'm really not satisfide and if I continue to have these problem I will no longer be a netzero customer.
Der Beurteilte: maria
2/28/2005 2 von 5 Sterne
Popups just keep geting worse.I am very frustrated with this continual problem. Can't you do something about this. Is there something I need to buy to take care of this BIG problem?
Der Beurteilte: sean cahill
Pop up blocker is terrible
2/07/2005 2 von 5 Sterne
I switched from AOL to save some money. I signed up for the high speed dial up version. Well, it's not that "high speed" but certainly no worse than what I had with AOL and is worth the price differnce.
But, the pop up blocker is terrible with Netzero and the assistance to fix it is even worse. I have the pop up blocker on and continue to get pop ups! I e-mailed customer service for assistance and got an obscure e-mail telling me that if I'm not satisfied with Netzero, here's how to uninstall. When I e-mailed back to question this, I recieved the exact e-mail response.
I'm not sure if this problem will get resolved or not. I'm not sure I will last much longer with Netzero if this is the case.
Der Beurteilte: J. Ebell
1/18/2005 5 von 5 Sterne
I had so many problems with AOL.I really hate AOL. It took over my pc. But I saw Dennis Miller doing a commercial for Netzero. So I decided to give it a try.After fighting with AOL for several days I managed to uninstall part of it and get a look at Netzero and I was skeptical but I'm a Dennis Miller fan.
So here I am and I love site. HiSpeed is really speedy.So many cool options on the ToolBar. Thank You Netzero for saving me.
Der Beurteilte: KATHY MACE
Very Satisfied Customer
1/06/2005 5 von 5 Sterne
I have tried many different servers and was so frustrated until I went with NetZero.

Now I have a server that works for me and I have all the help I need.

Thanks NetZero......msduste'
Der Beurteilte: MsDuste'
best site
12/14/2004 5 von 5 Sterne
Der Beurteilte: Dennis
could be better
12/01/2004 1 von 5 Sterne
I still seem to get a lot of pop ups from the gaming industry. The blocker seems to work on the porn sites real will. This is why I left AOL after ten years. I hope Netzero can come up with some help in this area. Other then this I am pretty pleased with your product.

Thanks for your time Barry Moore
Der Beurteilte: bmoore
Better than AOL
11/11/2004 3 von 5 Sterne
I have been with netzero for a couple of months now. For ten bucks a month I'm pretty satisfied with the service. However it could offer more in the way of pop up protection. The speed is O.K. but why would I want to pay $5.00 more a month for not much more performance. I wish they would offer the high speed at the low price with the popup protection. I think alot more of us consumers would utilize the service if that were the case.
Der Beurteilte: Randy Kelley
Love the site
10/12/2004 4 von 5 Sterne
Netzero is an excellent website with many outstanding features. The price for the platinum internet and the high speed internet are outstanding.
Der Beurteilte: Albert J Shamro

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