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Love the site
6/04/2022 5 de 5 estrelas
I want to thank Zehabesha for sharing my piece of work!
" Development approaches and functions of public health in Ethiopia"
Usuário: Yohannes Mekuria
justice we need b/c it is our birth right!!!!!!!!
11/16/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
give to power justice!!!!!!!!
Usuário: ermias belayneh kasssay
The Best Ethiopian
11/12/2013 4 de 5 estrelas
It is the best Ethiopian news source. Ze-Habesha is unbiased and reliable website. Ze-Habesh needs some improvements, but still number one of all Ethiopian websites.

Thank you, Ze-Habesha, keep up the good job !!!
Usuário: Ethio Life
Arsema Taye the Ethiopian porn Star
11/08/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
Dear Habesha i love ur website very much but i saw a new video Titled Arsema Taye the Ethiopian Porn Star... is it true
Usuário: Mamushi
Love the site
11/07/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
I visit zehabesha.com on daily basis for a bout a year now (2 or 3 times a day) to see the headlines and learn what is going on in our community and country. Keep up the good work, and thank you for providing this service.
Usuário: K.T
What we need is balanced news!
11/07/2013 3 de 5 estrelas
I love Ethiopia! I don't like Ginbot 7 or Woyane. I want to hear balanced news. If there is something Ginbot 7 is doing good write about it. If Woyane is doing good write about it too! If you have a negative report (based on evidence) I want to hear it. Opinions are simply opinions. If you write there is no real democracy in Ethiopia, that is ok. But I also want to hear about the dams being built by Ethiopia, the rail construction etc. But simply calling real develpments as Woyane propaganda is not true. I am very sad to read a Woyane campain saying Menilik was bad emperor and Yohanes was great! I want you invite a good historian who will tell the world what Menelik did for Africa. we need to recognize Yohannes as a leader who defeted Egypt, but reject the revised history putting him the best we ever had. This is what I call balance! I also support the great dam of Abay. I don't need to be Woyane supporter to do that! When I see a balanced paper (I read your paper since I am from MN)I will give you 5!!
Usuário: Meba Terefe
I love this site
11/05/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
Ever since I started visiting this site (not very long ago), I found it highly educational where relevant and current issues are discussed. Besides the issues and articles being relevant, the moderators are tolerant to divergent views and it is safe to say that the site's mission is embracing freedom of expression and being an equal opportunity host. I can cite some Ethiopian sites whose editors could get irked and decline to post certain imputes that they deem "abhorrent" to their divisive and extreme political agenda, but this site does not demand readers to follow certain line of political ideology that its editors follow as a guiding principle. I also am impressed by the fact that this site stands advocate for our country's unity. I must also add that unlike all the rest of Ethiopian sites whose topics are political related, this particular site however, maintains a column where health and other social issues are discussed and this attracts and encourages readers who are not politically inclined. I appreciate and commend the inclusive nature of this forum where readers can speak their mind without the worry of repressive censorship that is rife among Ethiopian sites. Thank you zehabesha and keep up the good work.
Usuário: Rule of Law
IYou doing well atroom for imprvement ......
11/05/2013 3 de 5 estrelas
I will be honest, I have visited the Habesha site few times(countable by one Hand, lol)and what I read was excellent and from what I have obsereved even asking your readers about your site is a commandable act, other sites let along to ask you to comment on their performance they will delete your response to their article simply because you disagree or you have different view(not vulgar, rude),because from my understanding a lot of the Horn sites are shallow, not balanced and biased on ethinicity most preach hatred of other races generally not worth any ones time to read or even aknowledg; but I have never observed the Habesha doing ethinicity; visit Ethiomedia and Ethioreview very shallow sites, childish full of brain less,garbage, racists site, they are a lot to be desired, I read one of your readers commentted and she articulated that Ethiopians for that matter I will add Eritreans as well, we have forgotten our upbringing to respect, seeking peace, fraternity all is gone out, in is begotery, fashisim and bullying and I know it all atittude is what describes us Horn people in diaspora.
Usuário: wedin akfa
news and views
11/04/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
Everything is relative, your performance is great. I always search your site for. Update information. Keep up.
Usuário: maru
One of my best and my second stop
11/04/2013 4 de 5 estrelas
You are doing a good job; here is the key for all Ethiopian journalism to understand and fulfill the wish and aspiration of our society. Ethiopia is at a cross road, and enemies are so much so sophisticated as you can observe day by day. Just few weeks back the exposition of the sinister Tesfaye GebreAb, is best example. The enemies of this country much stronger than ever, and we should stand unison. For that to happen you journalists have a work to do. Ethiopia is dying if we are not aware of what is going on behind the seen. To show us the dark part and leads us to the bright spot, journalism has to play its appropriate professional duties. Tell who are the enemies of Ethiopia and who are friends. Here is the catch, in the Ethiopian case the concept "no permanent enemy; no permanent friend" do not apply, because our permanent enemies out number and their interest over ours is a permanent phenomena. 1945 WoldeAbe Woldemariam stood against the strong unionist organization of Eritrea. He even could not reconcile no matter what he was offered, and left the country to Cairo. from there he started a radio program given by the Egyptian government and start his broadcast. The propaganda that was delivered was anti Amara especially focused (on Shewa). To make the story short, Isayas, and the organization, for that matter all Eritrian citizens believe Amara is an enemy. Regardless what ethnicity you belong to this ANTI AMARA crused is anti Ethiopia. Be aware of the second round mercenaries ( Birhanu, Andargachew) Meles and his gang done as much they can and will leave sustainable damage even if we could be able oust them out.
Usuário: Bezuayehu Hunegnaw

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