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I love the site.
6/19/2014 5 de 5 estrelas
The most accurate info. all time, Ethiopia will raise again all of us will live together for ever thanks GOD people like you work hard to reach every one to have best and excellent info.
Usuário: Amlaku Assefa
The prison is full of journalists
5/26/2014 5 de 5 estrelas
To day is the 27 days in jail for zone 9 bioggers in Ethiopia, they have not been charged, in fact the government could not come up with the reasonable cause for detaining the 6 bloggers and 3 journalists. it has not come to our allention that two have been tourtured, all they did was bloggersabout conditions in this own country, corruption has gone out of control. in a dacde begining in 2001 $16.5 billion have been illicitly transferred to foreign bank(according to washington,DC based global financial integrity)there are chronic water,power and food shortage . the state security literaly eavesdrops on telephone conversation and controls internet connectivity making Ethiopia the least served in Africa.The ruling party took office through the barrel of the gun and divided the country arbitrarliy along ethnic lines(and later archestrated asham elections that it own)This is 22 years ago. it has made it clear that it will not hand over or share power through the ballot box. Ethiopia now leads the world in the number of journalists jailed or exiled and in human right abuses.If you are blogger you can be part of a global effert to give voice to those denied and to help free those in jail we can change condition both locally and globally if we come together.We refuse to bend to those who seek to divide our humanity in order to remain in power!
Usuário: Ezana Woldesilassie
3/25/2014 5 de 5 estrelas
The blood of the people of Ethiopia still flow on the ground it´s not yet finished following the blood innocent citizen those who are fighting against the ruling party many young people are still found in prison and also many were killed,we could see that the power as only for it´s interst and also these weyane leader have been stealing different resource for only their trips,and taking away from the country to differnt places. Ethiopia people must fight this dictator party to destroy the enemy of the people.
A time for truth and freedom has come.a time for a people to express their selves freely and to be heard from and where in the world.the ruling party TPLF want to control the present falsehoods and miss information in order to impose a couse for the future by keeping the truth hidden from citizens we will not remains silent while thie happens.We Ethiopian new generation has started demanding has our feedom. This is not onlya warning to the Ethiopian governmentbut the call to all Ethiopian youth the defend any violation of the freedom of speech and information,democratic right and also prees FREEDOM. starting from now will not tolerat street demonstration will persist unitl the Ethiopian government respect all Ethiopian citizens right to free speech. we are the hungry avatar of speech.
Ethiopia need a responsible and caring leaders so any citizen who love his/her country must stand together to struggle these obstacles like racism dictatorial governence so let us stick each other for the victory.
3/03/2014 3 de 5 estrelas
Any Agreement by meles or hailemariam to relinquiish any part of western Ethiopia territory to the Sudan in unconstitutional bacK in may 2008, i argued that meles has no legal authority to Hand over Ethiopian land to Sudan or for that matter anyone else.
Today hailemariam also has no legal right or authority to Turn over Ethiopian land to Sudan.
Having said that thereis is no question meles has signed an Agreement to relinquish a large chunk of territory in the Amhara Region to the Sudan .
hailemariam and his puppet masters are now tring to make us swollow this illegal land Transfers by sweet talk of strategic frame work Agreement .
The fact of the matter is that any Transfers of Ethiopian land to the Sudan government or any other Country by the Regime in power today is without any legal besis under the Ethiopian constitution or internationl law.
we will continuing our fighting......
12/02/2013 4 de 5 estrelas
Ethiopian remains one of the poorest and under developed countries in the world. The country faces the dauting challenged of famine , poverty,dictatorship poor governence and human rights violations.
When the poeple raise about their human rights there were a lot of suffering and problems that follows as a result of it , especially those who are in prison, nobody can not explain how it is too much stressing and suffering exept the people themselves.
In order to get rid off these terrible regime which is exploiting the human resource and cultural as well as religion, historcal assets of the country without any care of sympathy for his own country people. we will obliged to take some measure until to get freedom.
For development bright future of our country, we have to encourage and support on behalf of the Ethiopian people patriotic front(EPPF) to diminish the existing ruling party until to get freedom.
peace, democracy and justice for Ethiopia!
Ezana woldesilassie
Usuário: ezana woldesilassie
let fight corrupted and dictatorial Ethiopian regi
8/25/2013 4 de 5 estrelas
THE EPRDF´s government so called development plan was laid without a proper regard to the interests of citizens. we Ethiopians have regard the case of different aspect calmly and rationally,the response was adversely repression and terror. if failed indeed to follow appropriate procedures for dealing with our complaints.yes we will force it to take the blame for everything that has gone wrong in our country. yes we will once again question the constitutionality of the regime.
WE already know that our question are pointed to the dictator Ethiopian regime
but we keep on exposing that he dose not held power de jure but de facto. we will tell to the people that he is corrupted by power and ambition .my fellow Ethiopians,this not a matter of individual conscience, we are obliged to represent the victim of operation.
so, let us unite our effort to avoid the dictatorial and blood thirsty regime of EPRDF from our motherland. that is the way woyane can listen.long live to our struggle!!!
woldesilassie ezana
Usuário: woldesilassie ezana
We need freedom and democracy in Ethiopia
5/26/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
Ethiopia is a nation that has a remarkable civilization and more than three millennium of historical continuity .however a good part of its long history is marred by instability,poverty,and power straggle between regional lords.Throughout its 3000 plus years of history,Ethiopia has never gone though a peaceful transfer of power.
in fact,the action of regime in the may 15 2005 election was a reaffirmation of the historical account of power transfer in Ethiopia where the winner of the power struggle coerces the losers to totally submit,or to ´get out of the way´.This kind of "my way or the highway"attitude of the Ethiopia ruling elites has made Ethiopia and the horn of Africa one of the most volatile region of the world.
All in all the TPLFs behavior before, during,and after the 2010 election has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt,that as long as is alive, election in Ethiopia are mere mechanisms through which only the TPLF autocrats creep to power.and now ,EPRDF is preparing the woreda ,cities and kebele sham election throughout the country.
I appeal to all community of nation,donor countries and international institution who stand for peace, freedom and democracy to speak out and denounce the ETHIOPIA PEOPLE and stop supporting a criminal regime that,if not stopped,will be a major source of instability and human suffering not only in Ethiopia but also in the larger horn of AFRICA region.
Usuário: woldesilassie.E
4/29/2013 5 de 5 estrelas
A GOVERNMENT that respect the rights of its citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful asembly in order to raise their grievances dose not respond to such protests by using lethel force. all in all THE DICTATOR´S regime repressive ethnic minority regime has viciously attacked muslims,christians,farmers,merchants,artisant,students,teachers and viollation of international conventions and the long standing culture and respect for religious tolerance in Ethiopia,federal police and the dictator´s regime special forces turned the sacred place of worship in to a killing field unseen and unheard of in the nation´s history. all ETHIOPIANS to stand together and defend each other´s right and freedom by coming together to fight the common enemy of the country and the freedom of its people.important that we stand for one anather because an attack on one of us is on all of us. The current condition of ETHIOPIA encoureges the movements against dignity and freedom for the current ruthless,reckless and thoughtless dictators
Usuário: woldesilassie.E
Enough is Enough
2/18/2013 4 de 5 estrelas
since the EPRDF government came to power Ethiopia people lives without peace and tranquillity. the last 21 years on power ,the regime has boosted itself as a guarantor of the right of nations and nationalities while it brutally imprisoned totured and killed those who have demanded for their legitimate right.
every single Ethiopian has got an essential voice and that must be heard. if we neglect to act today we are indirectly inviting or tolerating to act lead by dictators on tomorrow. we must speak and speak from our heart so that our plan can hit its goal. don´t we feel ashamed or disgraced when we discus about our future and the future of our country. our voice are realy indispensable for the betterment of every voiceless.lets speak it clear and loudly that we need a change of regime. Enough with dictators!Enough of with weyane.
Usuário: woldesilassie.E
We don´t give up the fight!
9/24/2012 4 de 5 estrelas
for the last 21 years, the Ethiopian oposition has been abused, perscuted, killed, and has systematically been alienated form the political process.
in may2005, zenawi regime responded by killing 200 innocent demonstrators,
arresting ten of thousands of political dissidentes and jailing the entire opposition leadership.
Even after the shameful crimes of zenawi´s regime, the opposition gave peace another chance and continued its peaceful struggle.
in the 2010 election, zenawi´s regime displayed its utter intoelrance to multi- party politics by snatching all parliamentary seats in all regions of the country. by doing this , zenawi has closed the last open door for peace and democracy and took Ethiopia back to the past "submit or rebel" era of the princes.
after 21 years his regime we heared pass/die/ but the dominion party TPLF/EPRDF/ still continued zenawi system and his policy.
we hope all freedom and peace loving poeple of the world will gonna helpe us! Ethiopia shall prevail
woldesilassie Ezana
Usuário: woldesilassie Ezana

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